Our insights

Making data visible, usable and understandable for engineers.

Insights in your engineers’ hands

Save hours spent struggling with slow systems and clunky spreadsheets.

BKwai puts all available data at your fingertips – and turns it into clear insights within seconds.


All-seeing, all-knowing

A picture is worth a hundred thousand data points.

Our smart visualizations help you see and understand exactly what the data is saying, providing you with real-time snapshots of the situation on the ground.


Spot early warning signs

Climate change is putting the built environment under increasing strain.

Our simple traffic light system makes the risks easier to evaluate, alerting you to any potential crisis points way in advance.


Fix flaws automatically

  • No need to worry about discrepancies or duplication.
  • Normalize all your data with a single click.

Slice and dice

  • Use filters to view your data from every angle
  • Screen out noise
  • Compare and contrast different datasets
  • Switch individual data sources on and off

Look into the future

What happens if next month’s rainfall is 15% above average? Or if the temperature drops below 15°C?

Use forecasting tools to model the impact of any scenario on your site.