Senior Back End Developer

Primary Skills: Python, Django, SQL, AWS

Secondary Skills: Docker, K8S, NoSQL

Employment Type: Permanent

Location: London

Visa Sponsorship: Not available

As a Back End Developer you will use your experience to make key technological and architectural choices to improve system scale and performance of our products. This is a unique opportunity for you; exciting and impactful, creating truly innovative solutions in structural monitoring, saving time, facilitating more efficient planning and reducing costs in remedial works.


You will develop web applications in a scalable environment with multiple services, building data models and APIs. This will help us create our SaaS platform, employing AI and data science to realise the ‘big data’ opportunities and enabling the leverage of insights from manual measurements, IoT sensor data and satellite data, resulting in next generation products for construction and preventative maintenance for a more resilient built environment.


You will be able to make the most of your extensive experience in back end development using Python and supporting technologies in the creation of our scalable web applications. Although we want you to make/contribute to choices on tools and technologies, skills in the following will help you hit the ground running:

Django / Flask, SQL and NoSQL databases, AWS and Docker.


We are keen that you fully embrace Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration and deployment. An interest in AI/ML systems architecture and design will definitely assist you!


We firmly believe that for a company to be successful you have to not only build a great product but a great culture as you grow. We are looking to add to our culture with people from diverse backgrounds who are motivated to make a positive change, and to do so with integrity and an open mind. Of course we want to hire technically brilliant people, however we need team players and ambitious people who are willing to push forward, but who also have humility and ability to recognise when things are not going well.


Willingness to keep an open mind, consider your own unconscious biases and learn from mistakes are key attributes in our employees.


Currently working remotely (aiming to be in the office at least once a week, or for more remote workers a visit a few times a year) we strive to be a collaborative team: we have a weekly team meeting where we share what we’ve all been working on (from CEO to junior developer) giving each person a chance to be heard and build some transparency around what’s happening in the company and where we’re going.

We try to have a little catch up on a Friday to talk about non-work things; it may be something related to hobbies or interests, so that the team learns something fun and new


Although we are considered a start up we already have an impressive track record with our product and key customers. Our credentials are enviable – for example our CEO is well recognised within the construction sector, and is regularly invited as a voice for construction industry-relevant activities. She has delivered TEDx talks, and was a panellist on the Institution of Civil Engineers event ‘How will technological advances impact London’s infrastructure?’ to give just two examples.


Joining us early on in our journey gives you the chance to develop and grow, both technically and as a person – apply now to learn more!


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