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Thames Tideway Tunnel

How Tideway are using sensor and weather data to predict flood risk as they build a super sewer, helping them make timely, cost-effective and safe decisions

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Tideway (1)

Road Infrastructure

Monitoring roads and bridges the intelligent way

Following significant issues with a particular bridge, a routine of additional monitoring had been put in place. Acoustic sensors were installed to collect evidence of periodic wire breaks within the structure. Subsequent measurement of the tension of the tendons in the legs identified significant changes leading to concern about the structural integrity of this key transport asset.

Read our case study to find out how BKwai helped


Sports Stadium

The stadium, being built by a major Tier 1 contractor sits atop a grade II listed structure from the mid nineteenth century. A number of features of historic importance remain around the site which must be protected throughout the construction process.

Deployed in the cloud, the BKwai platform allows rapid roll-out and automatic capture of data from every sensor, regardless of type or manufacturer. The platform provides simultaneous visualisation of all sensor data in one place effectively becoming the single source of truth.

Stadium Construction
Stadium Construction

Whiteleys Centre

The 1911 Whiteleys building is being redeveloped from a shopping centre into a new £1bn residential, retail, dining and hotel complex. The project includes the restoration of the Grade II listed facade.

The BKwai platform takes in data from hundreds of sensors placed around the facade and allows site engineers to rapidly visualise the readings and assess the structure’s behaviour. Auto-generated reporting results in substantial time savings and the platform helps the site team to protect the historic structure.


Falconbrook Pumping Station

Tideway are building a new 25km super sewer under the River Thames. At the Falconbrook site, a 41m deep shaft has been excavated which will safely transport intercepted sewage deep below ground before it moves into the new super sewer tunnel.

BKwai provide environmental data and link this to pump and weir sensor readings, to create real-time forecasting models and predictive analytics. These help the client to safely and efficiently plan upcoming activities, saving valuable time for the site team.


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