Enabling Smarter Construction Monitoring

Turning big data into engineering intelligence throughout the asset lifecycle.

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Turning big data into engineering intelligence throughout the asset lifecycle.

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We’re here to help the construction and asset management industries do more with data

Using ground-breaking data science and AI, we unlock insights from sensors and satellites and put them straight into your engineers’ hands.

So you can plan, build and maintain infrastructure assets smarter, faster, safer.

Doing more with data

Engineers now have a vast amount of site data at their disposal. But without the right technology platform, that’s all it ever is – data. Not insights. Not cost-savings. Not increased productivity.

We’re here to ensure your data does much more.

Accelerate planning

Collecting years’ worth of seasonal baseline data is costly and time-consuming, and not always possible. By combining historical satellite data with your own measurements, we help you instantly map mm-scale site movements over time.

Avoid project delays

Construction projects can be severely disrupted by structural failure and damage to surroundings. Using data visualizations and prediction insights, we empower engineers to spot and address issues before they become crises.

Avert disaster

Infrastructure is corroding faster due to climate change. We help you prevent potentially catastrophic failure by using satellite and sensor data to monitor assets more closely and accurately.

Empower your engineers

Our superfast, simple-to-use technology will revolutionize how your engineers work.

Insights that used to take days, weeks or even months to arrive can be visualized onscreen within seconds.

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A better built environment

At BKwai, we’re committed to creating a more resilient built environment – and we believe that means radically improving how planning, construction and long-term asset management are done.

Working with our partners, we aim to bring smarter solutions to infrastructure everywhere.

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