Operate... Throughout its lifespan

Once buildings and structures are complete, they enter the operational stage of their lifespan. For companies operating and maintaining these assets, BKwai enables remote monitoring with intelligent insights to help inform the maintenance and inspection schedule to ensure the long-term health and safety of the asset while minimising operational costs.

Build a complete picture of your asset

Combine historical and ongoing satellite data with sensor measurements to understand if movement over time is normal or abnormal.

Save costs with effective monitoring

BKwai’s browser agnostic platform allows monitoring from anywhere, saving unnecessary monitoring and inspection visits, reducing costs and the disruption caused by physical inspections.

Protect yourself with a holistic view of your asset

BKwai centralises data from any brand or type of sensor, satellite, weather and other data to provide an unequivocal status of the asset throughout any period of custodianship.

Intelligent analysis

Sophisticated algorithms interrogate your data to spot and highlight gradual or step changes in the movement of your asset.

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Don’t call us we’ll call you

Out of app alerts at the first sign of unexpected behaviour or threshold breaches, allows you to rest easy, knowing you are always covered.

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Save time with automated reports

Our in-built report functionality saves you time by automatically providing standard reports to your inbox when you want them.

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