Plan... Before you break ground

Long before engines start or concrete is poured, the BKwai platform can help provide insights that enable smarter decision making during the design and planning process; saving time and money throughout the project and life of the asset.

Improve understanding

BKwai allows you to take advantage of historical satellite data to map mm-scale site movements and behaviour trends into the past.

Avoid unnecessary work

Using data visualisations and prediction insights, we empower engineers to spot and address potential issues before construction begins.

Reduce carbon footprint

Better understanding of the site removes the need for unnecessary physical inspections or remedial work; preventing the disruption that would go along with these.

Insights into any asset or site

The BKwai platform has been deployed across many built environment sectors and offers benefits from road and rail linear infrastructure, to energy, water and utilities.


Everything at your fingertips

BKwai is data agnostic, ingesting data from a wide variety of sources including in-situ sensors, satellite and environmental to serve up insights and forecasting information in a single platform.


See clearly and save time

Insights that used to require engineers to search petabytes of raw data can be identified and visualised within seconds, with user defined alerts proactively alerting users in real time.

Visual Bridge Inspection