Our technology

How we ensure our software solutions are smart, secure and super-fast.

World-class innovation

A spin-out from the University of Cambridge and the Centre for Smart Infrastructure & Construction (CSIC), we combine world-class data science and software engineering expertise to give engineers the technology solutions they deserve and need.

High-performance platform

Our product is designed to extract information from large-scale datasets, collected by multiple sensors and sources of information, where there is often very little related knowledge.

We are now able to use thousands of sensor readings on site and collect satellite readings and images along with environmental and other high-volume data stream at high sampling rates.

Our platform is designed to store petabytes of data securely – and process it super-fast. This includes all your data from in situ sensors as well as other sources such as satellite readings and environmental measurements.

BKWAI Tech Mob toedit crop2
BKWAI Tech Mob toedit crop2

State-of-the-art data science

Using deep learning architectures and algorithms derived from university research, we transform your data into engineering intelligence. From analytics to visualisations to prediction insights – and all of it just a click away.

All for the purpose of expanding the information we collect to identify patterns of data leading to insights from within the data that would otherwise be unseen and unavailable.

Human-eye based manual searching of excel data-sheet is no longer an acceptable approach.

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Advanced problem-solving

For example, calculating how a bridge moves with respect to temperature, seasonal environment, wind, loads, construction activities and many other activities is a multi-variate problem, no longer suited to manual solutions where petabytes of data need to be sifted through and effectively analysed.

Our solutions provide engineers with fast, accurate answers to a range of multi-variate problems that would be extremely difficult to solve manually, whether it’s identifying the causes of subsidence or predicting how a bridge will move.

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BKWAI Tech Mob toedit crop3

Enhanced by AI

To address these problems, our platform has to be automatic, scarcely supervised, whilst also being flexible, efficient, accurate and scalable.

We draw on a range of various existing AI applications and proven new applications coming from proven research to spare your engineers from low-value repetitive work.

We take advantage of state-of-the-art semi-supervised and unsupervised deep learning architectures, combined with ensemble learning frameworks running on high performance computing platforms to overcome these issues, to support high precision analysis and efficient investigation of the data and presentation of insights.

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BKWAI Tech Mob toedit crop4